We Do More Than Manage Properties, We Elevate Their Potential

We Do More Than Manage Properties, We Elevate Their Potential

Oaks provides far beyond typical home rentals. As property managers and developers, our comprehensive approach grants unmatched insights into the rental property management landscape. By becoming part of the Oaks family, you tap into the knowledge of our team, which has overseen and built substantial rental properties, delivering exclusive advantages that few property management experts can rival.

Property Management doesn’t have to be a headache –especially when you have the right team supporting you

High Occupancy Marketing Systems

Keeping tenants in your houses for rent is difficult if you have untested or inconsistent marketing systems. It’s no longer enough to rely on Trademe or other public available sites; you need solutions that are at once fresh and proven to work.

Oaks has consistently upheld a vacancy rate well below the industry average for the past few decades. Collaborating with us grants you complete access to our roster of dependable tenants and specialized commercial property management services. These services are tailored to ensure continuous occupancy of your property with well-suited occupants, across Auckland up to Hamilton.


Full-Spectrum Property Maintenance and Inspection

Taking care of your rental property shouldn’t take time out of your personal life. Our property management services encompass routine inspections and maintenance assistance, spanning across residential and commercial property management, as well as body corporate administration. This enables you to oversee your investment property with confidence, even if you’re away from Auckland.

Our team understands how important your property is, and we strive to care for each one as if it were our own. We provide efficient resolutions to your property needs, whether it’s addressing minor work orders, handling emergencies, or conducting meticulous inspections to ensure proper maintenance. Our primary goal is to offer you peace of mind, freeing you from the hassle of resolving property issues on your personal time.


Effortlessly Maximise Property Returns

We ensure that you consistently achieve optimal returns for your rental properties with us, whether they are standalone houses, townhouses, apartments, or any other rental venture.

Through regular rent assessments aligned with current market trends, cosmetic improvements that appeal to the best tenants, innovative boarding house concepts and more, we leverage our expertise to offer you strategies that maximize profits while minimizing hassle. Importantly, all our actions are conducted in strict adherence to New Zealand’s regulations and legislation, ensuring the safeguarding of your interest throughout the process.

The Quality Difference: Oaks Is the ONLY ISO9001 Accredited Property Management Company in New Zealand

In a landscape flooded with home rental companies, Oaks distinguishes itself as a reputable property management firm and a symbol of excellence. As the ONLY ISO9001 Accredited property management company in New Zealand, we don’t merely claim to prioritize excellence – we hold international certification for it. For our clients, this means an unparalleled standard of service, transparency, and integrity in every interaction, whether you’re seeking apartments, standalone homes, or townhouses for rent spanning from Auckland to Hamilton.

Our commitment to the ISO9001 standard delivers:

  • Continue improvement across all facets of property management
  • Streamlined processes driven by evidence-based decision making for seamless operations
  • A motivated, engaged team primed to achieve your optimal results and maximize your returns

Let’s streamline your property management experience.

Through our distinctive Oaks Management Approach, we guide you to maximise your property’s potential and ensure a seamless property management experience in New Zealand. Our diverse clientele includes committed property owners, spanning individual homeowners, investors, and extensive developers, all sharing a singular aspiration: to effectively managing their properties effortlessly, ensuring tenant contentment, and maximizing returns


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