Why Every Landlord Prefers ISO9001 Accreditation Quality from Oaks Property Management

Why Every Landlord Prefers ISO9001 Accreditation Quality from Oaks Property Management

Welcome to Oaks Property Management Auckland, where your property’s success is our highest ambition — and we’ve got the accreditation to prove it.

When you partner with us, you’re choosing more than just a property management company – you’re selecting a globally recognised standard of residential, industrial, and commercial property management services. Behind every dedicated team member is the overriding mission to prioritise your property’s well-being and financial growth.

Our rental property management approach leads to happier tenants and consistent property income. Our property manager in Hamilton or across Auckland will apply the seven ISO9001 “Quality Management Principles” to collaborate directly with you. This involves streamlining Move-In and Move-Out procedures, managing tenant payments, and addressing on-site maintenance concerns effectively through our proprietary management systems.

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Common FAQs

How quickly can you lease my property? 

We strive to keep our leasing process to 2-3 weeks at most; however, this can vary depending on each unique situation. Our goal for providing the best property management in Auckland is to find a tenant who becomes the ideal fit for your property, rather than choosing just anyone, so that you can have complete peace of mind, ideally for years to come.

Do you guarantee successful tenancy? 

The methods we have perfected over the past three decades are the best-in-class for ensuring high-quality tenants and long-term tenancy. We include background checks on each applicant, efficient arrears policies and active lease management, all of which are highly effective strategies for maintaining mutually beneficial rental agreements. 

However, this does not directly guarantee that each tenant will pay rent on time or maintain the property with care, which we cannot guarantee. 

In the case that you encounter tenancy issues, we will get to work resolving them immediately and effectively to help you avoid any unnecessary damage. 

What happens if a tenant doesn’t pay rent on time?

If a tenant falls behind on rent payments, our standard procedure for Auckland and Hamilton property management services is to promptly address the situation. We initiate contact to resolve the outstanding rent and provide options for the tenant to catch up. If the tenant persists in avoiding payment and the arrears accumulate, we will issue breach notices in accordance with the applicable laws.

Should the arrears persist despite our efforts to resolve the matter, we will proceed to apply to the Tenancy Tribunal as necessary. In such cases, we will represent the landlord during the tribunal court proceedings and diligently work through the legal process, which may include eviction if warranted by the tribunal’s decision. Our goal is to protect the landlord’s interests while following the legal procedures and regulations governing tenancy matters. 

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