Infinite Possibilities. Unparalleled Opportunities.

Infinite Possibilities. Unparalleled Opportunities.

Collaborate with New Zealand’s Only ISO9001 Accredited Property Management Team

With over three decades of experience managing diverse properties in the dynamic rental market, Oaks has established itself as a preferred partner in Auckland property management for both property owners and developers.

Our aim is to promote long term investment strategies, ensuring a consistent stream of rental income for houses available for rent in Auckland over an extended period. This includes delivering value and peace of mind to our clients through our effective rental property management services.


The ISO9001 Advantage

  • Achieving consistent and predictable results and returns in residential and commercial property management.
  • Efficient utilisation of resources aimed at maximising cost savings in residential and commercial property management New Zealand.
  • A transparent comprehension of your objectives and principles for unparalleled property management services..

When it comes to the unique needs of build-to-rent communities, our property management specialists are equipped with high-occupancy rental strategies and efficient maintenance and groundskeeping systems that make us the top choice for budding and already established BTR communities.

Let Us Handle the Leasing, Groundskeeping, Landscaping, Repairs, and Maintenance for Your Entire BTR Community

Renting has never felt more like home. For those who choose build-to-rent, the benefits are multifold:

  • Accelerated Occupancy: Our marketing and tenant acquisition strategies have a proven track record with incredibly low vacancies over decades. With Oaks at the helm, the apartments for rent in Auckland and communities we look after maintain high occupancy throughout their lifecycle.
  • Unrivalled Groundskeeping and Landscaping: The first impression lasts, and Oaks ensures it’s nothing short of breathtaking. Our commitment to superior groundskeeping transforms properties into picturesque landscapes, making every community a coveted address.
  • Community Care: We foster vibrant community atmospheres where residents can feel truly at home, whether they are leasing short or long-term.
  • Maintenance Excellence: experience the freedom of working with a trusted property management team that always goes the extra mile for your residents:
    • Efficient and Prompt: No hassle or long wait times when you need immediate help. Oaks guarantees swift resolutions to all maintenance requests. If you need assistance now, please find our maintenance information here.
    • Quality Assurance: Regular maintenance schedules mean that our properties remain in pristine condition all year long.
    • Superior Standards: Each property and repair under our care undergoes meticulous inspection to ensure it meets our best property management Auckland benchmark of quality.

Your Community Deserves the Advantage of Oaks

Build-to-rent communities have unique needs and challenges. They demand more than just a property manager; they require a dedicated partner who comprehends their vision, anticipates their demands, and wholeheartedly commits to delivering an unparalleled level of excellence to each neighbourhood.

It’s our promise that every square foot under our care receives the same level of superior attention, respect, and dedication it truly deserves.

Don’t settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary is within reach. If you envision your build-to-rent community as a beacon of excellence, bustling with satisfied tenants, and always in prime condition, there’s only one name you should trust: Oaks.

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