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Welcome Home
Oak Property Management's Tenant Guide

We are the only ISO9001 Certified Property Management company in New Zealand. That means we offer globally recognized tenant care that goes above and beyond with exceptional service and a continually improving standard of business that makes you feel truly valued and taken care of. We specialize in property management in Auckland and Hamilton including standalone, townhouses, body corporate administration and built to rent projects.

New and Future Tenants

We believe taking your first step into houses for rent in Auckland or apartments for rent in Auckland should be as seamless and comfortable as possible.

Oaks tenants enjoy superior maintenance and proactive, trusted property management with the express goal that our property always feels like your “home.” With features like efficient work-order resolution and a dedicated property manager in Auckland who’s just one call (or click!) away, it’s no mystery why residents love finding homes for rent in Auckland through us.

Whether you’re looking for a 1 bedroom, 5 or more bedrooms house for rent in Auckland and Hamilton, including areas such as Pukekohe, Cambridge, Oaks has you covered.

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We can’t wait to welcome you home.

Our mission is to offer secure, well-maintained rental properties that consistently provide a “home” feeling. When you apply, we strive to ensure it’s a great match for all parties involved. Each applicant is required to complete an application, which may include a background check and, in some cases, a credit assessment, rental history review, or reference checks, in accordance with the owner’s criteria.

Once your information is received and reviewed, we will let you know the next steps. This process can take one to two weeks.

Please note that we do our best to find great renters for each of our listings, which can mean that sometimes the home you applied for is rented before you’ve been approved. If the rental you originally applied for becomes occupied before your application is processed, we will work diligently with you to match you with the perfect new home.

Once You’re Approved…

Tenancy Bond and Initial Rent Payment

Prior to receiving the property keys, tenants are required to submit the full bond, typically equivalent to four weeks’ rent and the first week’s rent. We ensure this bond is lodged with tenancy services within 23 working days after receiving the full or partial amount. Upon tenancy termination, if the property meets our inspection criteria, we initiate the bond refund process through tenancy services.

Property Condition Report: 

Upon initiating a rental agreement, we draft a detailed property condition report. This encompasses a checklist, imagery, and videos documenting the property’s current state. We urge all tenants to meticulously review this report since it’s the benchmark used to determine the property’s condition upon the conclusion of the lease.

Tenant’s Rent, Bond, and Water Payment Details:

ASB Bank

Oaks Property Management Ltd

Trust bank account number: 12-3233-0731756-01

Reference field: Property address

Code: Tenant code

Current Tenants 

Whether you have a query, an unforeseen issue, or a maintenance request, our team of property management specialists is standing by to answer your needs promptly. We are committed to ensuring your stay is comfortable, and your concerns are addressed as soon as you bring them up! Please find important tenancy information below.

Tenant’s Rent, Bond, and Water Payment Details:

ASB Bank

Oaks Property Management Ltd

Trust bank account number: 12-3233-0731756-01

Reference field: Property address

Code: Tenant code

Maintenance and Repairs

Should you identify maintenance necessities or require repairs, please notify your property manager immediately!

Scan the QR Code for Immediate Work-Order Assistance

Email or Call Us at: [email protected] , or phone 09 801 8195

Note: failure to report maintenance needs may be reflected in your bond refund.

Lost Or Replacement Keys

We will always retain a duplicate key set for your property in case of emergencies. If you need assistance accessing your home, please reach out to your designated property manager. If we need to enter while you are not there, we will give you notice prior. 

If, for any reason, you desire a lock change, you must:

  • Obtain the landlord’s approval.
  • Cover all associated costs.
  • Provide us with a duplicate set of the new keys.

Remember, upon ending your tenancy, all keys must be returned. Thank you!