We’re About Redefining Property Management

We’re About Redefining Property Management

Whether you’re an owner, a tenant, or a developer, we aim to simplify your life, enhance convenience, and create a stress-free experience. Our approach extends beyond mere rental property management; it’s about cultivating partnerships that flourish through mutual success and continual growth.

We’re not just about managing properties or being Auckland property management specialists; our mission is to establish unprecedented standards in service excellence and quality benchmarks.

Our Guiding Principles: The Core of Oaks' Commitment

  • Mission: Driving maximum returns for residential, industrial and commercial properties, we offer property owners and tenants a seamless, stress-free experience. We go beyond conventional property management, tailoring our services to meet our clients’ individual requirements, whether it’s managing standalone properties, townhouses for rent in Auckland and Hamilton, or any other project.
  • Vision: Our goal is to redefine industry norms in property management services by leveraging cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices. We strive to create environments where property owners and tenants, across various house types for rent in Auckland and Hamilton, can achieve success and find comfort in their spaces.
  • Values: Our foundation is built on unwavering integrity and a client-first approach, making us the best property management in Auckland. Coupled with our passion for innovation and community engagement, we lead as industry frontrunners, setting benchmarks for others to follow.

Our Story:
Blending ISO9001 Global Standards with Local Expertise

Being the ONLY ISO9001 Accredited property management company in New Zealand, we understand the nuances of the market, property owners’ ambitions, and tenant requirements. This encompasses strict adherence to applicable New Zealand legislation and regulations.

Our mission revolves around implementing the seven ISO “Quality Management Principles” across all business aspects to deliver an unparalleled experience for our clients. This comprehensive outlook positions us as the pinnacle of excellence in New Zealand’s property landscape.

A Legacy of Quality and Commitment: Introducing Our Founder, Vijay Singh

In the bustling world of property management companies, it’s rare to find a story that resonates with genuine passion and unwavering commitment to quality. At the heart of Oaks Property Management is our founder, Vijay Singh.

While travelling the world auditing the most prestigious wineries, Vijay began to invest in properties and quickly encountered a gap in the industry that was too significant to overlook. In his pursuit to find a trustworthy property manager, he discovered most property management companies prioritised their profits over the genuine care of property owners and tenants. Landlords were left grappling with unreliable services, while tenants dealt with indifferent property managers and subpar housing.

Rather than accept subpar property management services,
Vijay established Oaks Property Management 

Driven by a unique vision centred on prioritizing quality, Vijay spearheaded Oaks to adopt a “quality-first” ethos. This resolute dedication led Oaks to become New Zealand’s exclusive property management company accredited with ISO9001, emphasizing an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Presently, Oaks Property Management thrives under the guidance of a committed team of proficient property managers. They administer an extensive array of properties, encompassing residential, commercial, body corporate, and the innovative build-to-rent sector. This encompasses the management of houses and apartments throughout Auckland and Hamilton, offering comprehensive property management services and beyond.

Join the Oaks family. With a trusted legacy spanning three decades in Auckland, we’ve continuously raised the standard for exceptional property management

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